IBA Housing Loan

Expression of Interest

This Expression of Interest form (EOI) is for people who want to register their interest in, and have IBA assess their eligibility for, an IBA housing loan. If eligible, IBA will invite you to submit an IBA housing loan application.

Completing this EOI takes approximately 5-10 minutes. Please have all applicant details and financial information ready before you start the process as you are unable to save and return to a partially completed EOI.

If you have difficulty with any of the questions, please Freecall 1800 107 107 (select option 1) to speak with your local IBA Lending Officer.

Completing this EOI will require you to provide us with your personal information. IBA respects the privacy of all customers and is committed to maintaining your privacy. By submitting this EOI you are consenting to IBA collecting and dealing with your personal information in accordance with the Privacy Notice, ouPrivacy Policy and if applicable, our Credit Information Policy.

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